July 2014

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Natural Edge Laburnum £40
This year I continue to supply the listed retail outlets. In particular:

Wisely gift shop.
Dansel gallery in Abbotsbury.
The National Trust shop at Polesden Lacey.

These shops are doing well and continue to display a good range of my work.

In addition to my regular items in spalted beech, I have I was lucky to obtain a fine small laburnum tree from which I made a number of attractive thin-walled, natural edge bowls.
These bowls can be purchased from the website and I have a number in the 3 galleries above and more for direct purchase from my workshop 020 8394 2489 they are in the region of 18cm wide by 9cm deep and sell for between £35 and £45. Laburnum is a very attractive timber with a chocolate heartwood surrounded by a creamy sapwood. Where possible I cave kept the bark.

Later this year I will be adding a number of new articles to the Website, made from an ash tree from a private address in Surrey. Ash has great potential for both culinary and decorative work. I has an attractive coarse grain pattern which lends itself to a variety of colour and other grain treatments.

Watch the website!